Power Hour Sessions

Want to feel less overwhelmed as a Student?

Struggling to juggle everything as a student can be tough, with assignments due, exams around the corner and the pressure to socialise (ALL THE TIME!) things can get a little too much!

How do I know all this?

Student life can be tough...

Well... I used to be a student myself! And was one for over 4 years (all throughout Covid-19). And now I want to give back to YOU!



Okay so... I hear you asking HOW on earth can I help you?

Well if you currently are answering "YES" to any of the following questions I would say that you NEED to look at and evaluate the way you are currently working, before you BURNOUT!

Do you feel anxious, stressed or on edge all the time?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of completing any university work?

Do you wake up not knowing what you are planning to do for the day?

If any of these resonate, then our study advice sessions could be for you!

What are the options?

Okay, so because I know one size doesn't fit all, we have several options for 1:1 support!

Option 1: Power Hour Sessions - these can be completed as one off 1 hour sessions, or in blocks at a time to help you over your current hurdles!

Option 2: Weekly ongoing support - feel you need a little more support or advice on a weekly basis? No problem! These sessions are a great add on for our power hour sessions to help keep you accountable in between sessions!

Option 3: Study Plan Day - This option is for those students who just feel they need that little more support. If you're currently feeling completely overwhelmed and are unsure where to start, a Study Plan Day could be a good option for you!